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Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw, MI
There is a whole bunch of reported surf spots in Keweenaw County and the peninsula, MI Lake Superior See surfspot at Google Maps [Surfing the Great Lakes]. This particular page monitors area nearby Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County, Lake Superior See surfspot at Google Maps, - don't confuse it with Eagle Harbor Lake Michigan!
Fort Wilkins State Park See surfspot at Google Maps: Beach break should work on NE, N, NW winds as the book [Surfing the Great Lakes] implies.
Great Sand Bay: You may start off Great Bay stairs See surfspot at Google Maps and drive down the road to see the best waves. Beach break should work on NE, N, NW, W winds
Sandy beach of Bete De Gris Bay See surfspot at Google Maps near light may provide good waves on SE, E winds; you may have to be creative to get past the inlet for the best waves.
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