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On self reflection, you might might think you are crazy surfing the Great Lakes in winter. Check out SurfSiberia 

They made a film about surfing in Russia and now getting it to film festivals. If you want them on Toronto International Film Festival or any other film festival close to you, feel free to contact them. Their facebook

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Via Surf Dreams Canada Online Surf Shop: call to surfers to help homeless with warmth clothing. See details at facebook.

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For those in the US: Don’t miss All Around Inflatable Paddle Board and Nocqua Pro Series Spectrum Lights giveaway by ISLE! Winner will be randomly selected on November, 9 2018
Shipping is free to the lower 48 states.
For those in Canada: Sorry they do not ship internationally just yet.
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Friday seemed to be surfable on Southern Michigan, hope Superior worked well too. Saturday looks promising in the morning and up to 12. So early bird catches the worm :-) Check out Hurricane Florence Great Lakes hype center how it was on Friday. Some beautiful moments got captured by the webcams.

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Midwest Looking at Some Severe Weather Potential - Thursday, Friday to monitor the Lakes for Surfing. Especially lake Superior. One more entry to Hurricane Florence Great Lakes hype center

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Judging by Google's Hurricane Florence page the storm is pretty much dissipated after 4 days in Carolinas. Yet, GLERL weather maps suggest there could be stormy waves on the Lakes Thursday evening and through the weekend. The Hype Center is not closing just yet.

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Google's Hurricane Florence page shows that lake Erie and Lake Ontario can be affected.

Not sure when and how, though. GLERL does not show much waves yet up to Sep 18 and then there no data further.

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Overall the Lakes seem to be calming down, but web cams had captured some beautiful waves at sunset. Tomorrow does not seem promising too much. But I wish I could check-out Eastern corner of lake Erie. See the pictures and details in Hurricane Florence Great Lakes hype center

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Morning September 9 is definitely good for surfing Lake Michigan mid West - South West shores and lake Erie mid to West both Canadian and US shores. Good chances fro East, South East shores of lake Superior, Huron, Ontario. Check out available camera shots for the morning in Hurricane Florence Great Lakes hype center.

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Closer to noon September 8 GLERL nowcast maps are going into green territory for South East corners of lakes Michigan, Huron and Erie - that means up to 7 feet; and patches of up to 3-4 ft South East of Superior and Ontario. In Canada waves subdued on Grand Bend in favour of Sarnia, and it is still on for Hamilton/Fifty Point. In the US things go better for Port Huron, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Chicago, Ogden Dunes, Indiana Dunes; Also Check out Mentor and other spots on South East coast of Erie. See how things were developing at Hurricane Florence Great Lakes hype center

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