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Morning September 9 is definitely good for surfing Lake Michigan mid West - South West shores and lake Erie mid to West both Canadian and US shores. Good chances fro East, South East shores of lake Superior, Huron, Ontario. Check out available camera shots for the morning in Hurricane Florence Great Lakes hype center.

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Closer to noon September 8 GLERL nowcast maps are going into green territory for South East corners of lakes Michigan, Huron and Erie - that means up to 7 feet; and patches of up to 3-4 ft South East of Superior and Ontario. In Canada waves subdued on Grand Bend in favour of Sarnia, and it is still on for Hamilton/Fifty Point. In the US things go better for Port Huron, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Chicago, Ogden Dunes, Indiana Dunes; Also Check out Mentor and other spots on South East coast of Erie. See how things were developing at Hurricane Florence Great Lakes hype center

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Chicago looks good right now; Indiana Dunes is a bit curly. Sheboygan is getting fuzzy. In Canada: Grand Bend - some white water; Kincardine - Inverhuron we're about to get something. See that all at Hurricane Florence Great Lakes hype center

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While Ben Gravy is talking about the East Coast in general, the Lakes are getting some commotion already. Surf forecast seem to be promising for the Great Lakes this weekend.

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It just hit me by surprise, the Summer is over, and the new surfing season (I mean real serious one) is about to begin on the Great Lakes

Something to celebrate, eh?
Happy Labour Day!
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Now is tracking Whiting, IN featured as #2 in The Best Places to Go Surfing on the Great Lakes.
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Behold Sheboygan, WI on Added it as claimed on July 4th post with the article on the best US surf spots on the Great Lakes. It is nice there are 2 webcams in the area. Also, did you know they have a FlowRide wave machine? See Sheboygan, WI dashboard for more.

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For those at South of the Border: Happy Independence Day! See The Best Places to Go Surfing on the Great Lakes. Looks like more spots to add to surfradar! Sheboygan, WI - 1h drive North of Milwaukee; Whiting, IN - 30min South from Chicago or 45 min West from Indiana Dunes; Sleeping Bear Dunes is covered by Frankfort; Duluth, MN; Muskegon, MI - 20 min North of Grand Haven.

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Check out The best surf spots in Canada. features Kincardine, Sandbanks PP among the best surf spots in Canada!

Kincardine, ON

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As reported by, part of Lower Michigan may get severe storms late afternoon and evening today Jus 1st 2018 - see link. Yet GLERL does not count it in. Got to wait and see.

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