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Hello, I started back in 2011, while I was living in Toronto, Ontario. I support and develop it since then when I have time.

The mission of the project is to make life of surfers in the Great Lakes region easier. That is achieved through enabling planning for surfing sessions on the Great Lakes; providing surfers of the Great Lakes with knowledge and access to equipment and gear.

Here is the story:

Born and raised in Russia, I grew into adulthood on the shore of the Sea of Japan. I always liked watching stormy waters and playing on the waves.

Surfing (actually bodyboarding) became part of my life in 1996, when I happen to visit San-Diego on a student exchange program. Thanks Bill, Brent and Michael for hooking me up to the sport :-) After that, I became really serious riding waves home in Vladivostok. Back then, it was just me on the spots there :-)

First time I encountered the Great Lakes was in Chicago/Waukegan/Milwaukee while visiting the US on business, but I was not lucky even to see any waves.

Moved to Toronto, Canada in 2006, I immediately started hunting for waves there - and that was quite a success from get go. Great Lakes and Sea of Japan are quite similar in surfing nature, so that was no change in my habit of tracking major storms. Being a software guy, I made a Python script processing weather maps from GLERL. I've been using for quite a while on my own computer, and in 2011 I made it to the site.

Now I happen to be in far from the Lakes but still have the passion for them.

Cheers to you all, and have fun on the Lakes! ;-)

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