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Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON See surfspot at Google Maps has several surf spots working at different wind directions. Watch Surf Ontario members video on surfing Toronto and vicinity in the Winter.

The Beaches See surfspot at Google Maps may work well at E-SE and produce nice straight (but small (divide the forecast by 2) waves at strong SSW storms. I've seen some folks surfing near rocky part See surfspot at Google Maps, but I would not dare.

The Bluffs "doublespot" can work on both, SE and SW depending what side of the Bluffers Park you take. The East Bluffers park beach See surfspot at Google Maps shines on E-SE winds. For SW, it also works, but twice less than  the Cove (the Cliffs side) See surfspot at Google Maps.

The other possible spot on SW wind is Cherry St. beach See surfspot at Google Maps as Outer Harbour may have waves going on strong SW, but going through the web cam pictures archive I did not see waves at all. You may have better luck at the outer side, but that's quite a hike and the shore is rough with construction landfill.

All spots may be extremely crowded at Summer time. The Beaches and the Cherry St. are official windsurfing / kite surfing spots.

In short:

S Beaches, Bluffers
E, SSE Beaches, Bluffers
SSW Beaches (forecast/2), Bluffers (should be bigger than at the Beaches), Cherry (?)


Buoy data:
If there are any other surf cams in the area, please be kind to share.
Your help will be greatly appreciated! :-)
Lake Ontario water temperature near Toronto, ON
Sea water temperature
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1 stephan  
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Love this sight but it's been pretty busted for a while.  Toronto is often red 20+ foot waves when its actually flat.

2 StraySurfologist  
Hi Stephan, thanks for the comment! The issue with the shall be fixed now.

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