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Shark Attack Safety Tips
Got to the Ocean? Sharks are known to attack pretty much everywhere, with the most notorious places like Florida, California, Carolinas, Hawaii, Australia, South Africa. But behold! Shark attacks were registered even at Russian coasts. So... here is how to minimize a shark attack risk.

Unfortunately surfers and bodyboarders are in a high risk group for shark attacks. It comes naturally, as sharks are attracted to fast moving objects in the water, sharks favourite haunting spots include sandbars, jetties and riffs (which also coincide with the best wave-generating spots), and surfer's silhouettes look like seals from underwater.

Here is a bunch of strategies to consider, when venturing into "shark infested" waters, and how to avoid a shark attack:

  1. Chose the right time and place to minimize sharks to be present in the water with you.
  2. Don't be a bait!
  3. Don't act as a prey
  4. Don't be in a bad company.
In more detail:
  • Avoid dawn, dusk hours and nights, - sharks' normal feeding hours.
  • Avoid murky waters, harbor entrances, channels, and steep drop-offs.
  • Stay away from the mouths of rivers, especially after heavy rains, as they may bring freshwater fishes and other animals remains to sea.
  • Don't wear anything reflective or shiny, like jewelry or watches, - it may attract sharks and other predators.
  • Avoid contrast colors and patterns in you outfit and gear. Especially orange and yellow, - "Yum, yum, yellow!". Even tan lines are noted as making you a bait.
  • Don't get any blood to the water; some say, don't pee as well.
  • Don't splash nor do erratic moves in the water - you'll be perceived as a prey by a shark. Splashing is a sign of desperation or weakness to sharks
  • Stay with the crowd, get a swim buddy, - don't be a stray calf!
  • Avoid fishing spots, fishing boats - fish and their remains are not a good company
  • Avoid sea life. If you see fish jumping, seagulls, sea animals (even dolphins) crowding - get away from the water.
  • Keep pets out of the water - they are not a good company as their erratic behaviour and splashing may attract sharks
  • Stay away from dead animals in the water.

Important things to remember:

  • Shallow water does not guarantee safety. There are known attacks on depth of 1-3 ft. and even chasing onshore!
  • Sharks are attracted to fast-moving objects
  • Sandbars (areas between them), jetties, riffs, steep drop-offs are sharks' favourite haunting spots
  • surfer's silhouettes look like seals from underwater - favourite sharks' food

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