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Surfer magazine article with great pictures of surfers in Hammond (Indiana), Chicago (Illinois) and South West Lake Superior.

knowledge | Transitions: 2222 | Date: 2017-11-24 | Comments (0)

Nice trick to improve launch on a bodyboard
knowledge | Transitions: 1793 | Date: 2017-06-25 | Comments (0)

Great explanation on how to catch waves, when to paddle, and when to pop-up.
knowledge | Transitions: 1674 | Date: 2017-06-25 | Comments (0)

Absolutely fabulous videos with basic bodyboarding instructions by Tribord. They have 2 playlists: Bodyboard Coaching (english) and Coaching Bodyboard (français). The Duck Dive maneuver is posted twice in the French version, but not in the English one.

knowledge | Transitions: 2102 | Date: 2015-08-21 | Comments (0)

A website and Must Have mobile application: Beaches and immediate water conditions.
For really curious - there is also a little history, geography and culture, too!
weather | Transitions: 2286 | Date: 2012-06-26 | Comments (0)

The absolutely MUST HAVE book for those who new to the area.

The book includes spot maps for the Great Lakes for the USA and Canadian shores. There are charts and tips on reading weather maps, and a little bit of other scientific info; Surfing etiquitte tips; Inspiring stories and illustrations. MUST HAVE! :-)
knowledge | Transitions: 2304 | Date: 2012-04-30 | Comments (0)

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